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Store Policy


  • Website -

  • The site belongs to the business owner Karina Narodetsky (licensed dealer) 303846182.

  • Products - the various items offered for sale on the site.

  • Customer - a person who registers or uses the site's purchasing services.


  • Referral on the website and in the regulations in the female language, but also aimed at the male sex.

  • Mia My is a website that sells its products via the internet.

  • A transaction can also be made through PayPal. The sale is made using a credit card.

  • Use of the website and purchase of a product from the website constitutes the customer's consent to the terms of the site's policy.

  • Karina Narodetsky reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time at its full discretion, and without any need for prior notice.

  • There may be inaccuracies in the stock displayed or in the description/color of the products offered for purchase on the website. If Karina Narodetsky is unable to deliver the purchased product, we will contact you as soon as possible and you will be refunded.

  • Prices on the website include shipping.

  • The management of the site may announce promotions and discounts and may cancel them without any prior notice.

  • The management of the site will not be responsible for any damage of any kind that will be caused as a result of the use of the site.

Product Delivery Time

  • Local courier mail - up to 10 business days, except for moshavim, kibbutzim and localities south of Be'er Sheva (where the delivery time can be extended to 15 business days).

  • Overseas mail - up to 5 weeks. There may be differences and changes between countries.

  • It will be clarified that if the delivery time is extended due to the constraints of the courier company, there will be no claim against Karina Narodetsky.

Purchase and Registration on the Website

  • To purchase on the website, the customer is not required to register. Filling in all the details is a prerequisite for placing the order.

  • The management of the site will not use the customer's details and will not transfer them to a third party unless required by law.

  • If incorrect details were provided by the customer at the time of ordering (such as residential address or name), Karina Narodetsky will not be able to guarantee the arrival of the products at their destination.

  • At the end of the purchase, an order confirmation email will be sent to the customer and when the order is collected, a message will be sent to the customer with a delivery number.

  • If the credit card information entered is incorrect or deficient and/or if there is a lack of company stock for a particular product, the site representative will contact the customer to change/credit the order.

  • The details as entered in the order form as well as the registration of the transaction on the site management computers will constitute evidence of the correctness of the operations.

  • If the customer chooses to pay via PayPal, she will be asked to enter her existing account information or open a new account. The payment confirmation is transferred from PayPal to the site management. Use and acceptance of the license are subject to PayPal's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy only.

Cancellation of Order on the Website

  • A customer may cancel the order following the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 1981.

  • The customer may cancel the purchase for the entire permit up to 2 days from the date of receipt of the product.

  • To receive a refund, Karina Narodetsky must be notified by e-mail of the reason for the refund and send the products to the business address that appears on the shipping package. The refund will only be given when the products arrive at the business house offices.

  • A refund will be given on the condition that the product is returned in its original packaging, without being used, that there is no defect and/or damage. Karina Narodetsky will have the sole discretion in this matter given to me.

  • One way or another, a service representative will contact the customer upon the product's arrival at the business to make the refund.

  • The business will credit the customer with the credit card whose details were presented when making the purchase only. All are subject to the schedules of the credit card companies.

  • It is not possible to credit "direct" cards or rechargeable credit cards issued by the Israel Post - in cases as if a credit will be given for purchase on the website only.


  • The site is backed by highly maintained security facilities to protect as much as possible the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of its customers.

  • To protect privacy, the site does not store credit card information, so if a refund is required, the customer will be asked to provide the credit card information again.

  • The clearing companies that provide clearing services on the site are "Leumi Max". At the time of ordering, ie entering the credit card details, various security measures are activated, which operate based on the most advanced detection, authentication, coding and encryption technologies in the world.


  • Cookies and other similar technologies are an essential part of how our platform works. The main purpose of our cookies is to make your browsing experience more convenient and efficient so that we can improve our services and the platform itself. We also use cookies to show you advertising that interests you when you visit third-party websites and applications. Here you can get all the information about the cookies we use and you can activate and/or deactivate them according to your preferences, except for those cookies that are necessary to operate the platform. Keep in mind that blocking certain cookies may affect your experience on the platform and how it works.

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