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Behind the Style

Hi! My  name is Karina Narodetsky and I'm the founder of Mia My! For me, fashion and art are a way of life and I hope to share this love with you. Inspired by everyday beauty, my goal is to design chic clothes and fashion-forward pieces that match every woman and her style.

To create high quality clothes, I sketch a few pieces and think of the texture I want the garment to have. After choosing the final design, I pick natural fabrics to enable your skin to breathe correctly and extend the quality of the product. Then, I choose matching threads and accessories (buttons, zippers, cufflinks and more). When the tailoring is finished, I arrange an exciting shooting day to share with you the final products. In each shooting, I always make sure the photos are showing all of the details (how the garment fits the body, the texture of the fabric, color of the threads, etc), so you can be sure of our designer clothes.

"Every tiny detail is endless love"


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Our Story

Mia My is dedicated to bringing the beauty of every woman to the forefront of their exterior through their style and taste. We offer you timeless pieces in a variety of colors, patterns and textures to match a work day, casual look or a special occasion.

Each change of the seasons is an opportunity for new ideas and creations. Following today's trends our designer clothes combine both comfort and chic, because why trade one for the other?

Our coats and jackets will keep you warm and stylish - who said you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Is it hot in here? Add color to your wardrobe with our chic tank tops and blouses for the hot summer days.

Can't decide what to wear? Trousers or skirts? Stripes or flowers? Browse our wide collection and be inspired by new looks and trendy outfits.

Fashion is a trend, style lives within a person.

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Our goal is to grant exclusive service so that each wearer can freely express their own unique and wonderful style. Every product can have beautiful colors and pleasant textures, but what makes it special is how good it looks on you. When ordering online we sometimes take a leap of faith, hoping it will be as you expected, however with Mia My you can be rest assured that our pieces will be perfect for you.


We're not just a clothing store with products that may not suit you, in Mia My every product is tailor made especially for you, to fit and compliment your body figure. With the help of our attentive team we make sure the classy wardrobe you choose fits you by customizing it to your measurements. 


Get in touch with us and together let's create something beautiful for you to enjoy.

At the beginning of each creation, we follow high standard rules to provide you with the luxury you deserve.

That is why we use high quality fabrics made of natural materials (Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool and more), and every detail  that is added to the product (such as buttons, zippers, cufflinks, etc) is hand picked. After the products are tailored, we check what is the right method to wash and take care of them, in order to extend their quality and shelf life.

Why is this process important to us? One of the major differences between natural fabrics and synthetic is the effect they have on our skin. Synthetic fabrics prevent our skin from breathing, causing our sweat to pile up in the fabric, leaving marks and unpleasant smell in our clothing. Another difference is the behavior of the fabric. Natural fabrics fit our body well and complement our figure, whereas synthetic fabrics cling too much to our body, giving it an unflattering shape.


In Mia My, we truly believe the accuracy in the small details is what makes the product perfect.

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